A Mercedes engine as Serial Belt Drive System

It seemed the obvious thing to do to the first ultralight manufacturer, the company of B&F Technik Fk Light Aircraft, was to offer this engine system in a serial aircraft. For this purpose, a special model, the FK9 Smart was created.
This design is not just an FK9 fitted with a Mercedes Smart engine. It is rathermore a complete package embodying its own special philosophy and technology and echoing in this respect the idea of the smart automobile.

This concept uses the lightweight FK9 Utility airframe, with more sophisticated paintwork and furnishings than the basic version. The streamlined technology implemented includes practical systems and instruments; superfluous details have been deliberately excluded. Configuration and equipment are serial installations but the plane comes ready to "fly away"!
This allows a serial price that is wide below a similarly equipped Rotax FK9. All this, not to forget the significantly lower fuel consumption and much less expensive maintenance After all, it's "smart"...

We expect there be soon more light aircraft types available using this modern powerplant technology!