The new smart-roadster-engine is flying!

The manufacturer of the smart aircraft engine conversion - co. ECOFLY- has startet flight testing programm of the new 80 hp smart-Roadster engine in middle of this month! This engine was designed by mercedes benz and is basicly used in the new smart Roadster car and is an upgrated M160 powerplant of the smart citycar.


A FK9 mark 2 airframe is used for the tests. According first comments of test pilots the flight potential of the new powerplant seemed to be very positive regarding the combination of the well known gentle engine characteristic of the former Mercedes M160smart engine with the 30% higher power output of the new turbo-engine.

First flight comparison tests with a similar FK9 Mark 2 powered by an 80 hp Rotax 912 engine showed better flight performances in all operation ranges with a significant lower fuel consumption!


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Aerokurier Sept 2004: Clever&Smart - Patrick Holland-Moritz

Fliegermagazin Mai 2004: M160/1 - Bericht von Jochen Ewald

Today's Pilot  July 2004,  p 64, 65